Deadline: November 12, 2022

Tusk Creative
Director: Tusk Creative
Writer: Tusk Creative
Casting Director: Tusk Creative, Marie Mitchell
Audition Date(s): Via Eco Cast self-tape
Shoot Date(s): Week of January 12, 2023
Rate of Pay: $500/day
Location: Los Angeles, CA
16 to 18 years old, all ethnicities female, soccer player’s physique. Observes more than she speaks, can show more affection to a cat than a person. Learn to reach through the fog and grab what she wants. No mature themes. Parent/guardian is welcome on set, an on-set tutor will be available. LEAD
16 to 19 years old, Hispanic female, soccer player’s physique. A challenger both to you and for you, likes thinking about the mechanics of things, believes she is more cultured than her peers because she likes to read. Her arc is learning to accept vulnerability. No mature themes. Parent/guardian is welcome on set, an on-set tutor will be available. LEAD
16 to 18 years old, all ethnicities male. Inspired by a lot right now, walks his dog twice a day, is optimistic in a way that can feel dismissive of real issues. No mature themes. Parent/guardian is welcome on set, an on-set tutor will be available. SUPPORTING
Storyline: A highly sensitive teen girl finds herself deeply attracted to another player on the soccer field.

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